FingerReader, Ring Sophisticated Able to Assist Reading the text for the Blind

A technology that is intended to help the visually impaired newly created by researchers at MIT. The technology in the form of a ring made with a 3D printer technique called FingerReader. As the name suggests, this FingerReader serves to read the text to the wearer.

Sophisticated FingerReader Ring

These devices help for those who do not have normal vision or blind. How to use is very simple. This ring users stay refers to the text you want read. After that, then this ring will automatically read the text in a voice loud enough.

It is considered capable of providing a more flexible solution to the blind, especially compared with similar aims device currently offered. Plus, this FingerReader have a compact form and easy to carry everywhere. And at the time wanted to use, simply connect this FingerReader to a mobile phone or laptop.

However, there are limitations on this one tool. The limitation lies in his ability that is only able to read text with a font size of at least 12. It is smaller than that, then this tool will not be able to read accurately.