Find Best Quality Products for Industrial Resins and Chemicals

Companies that work with industrial resins and chemicals know that having the best quality products made from the highest quality materials is key to true success. That’s why these companies know that CRC, is the place to go when only the finest quality materials will do.


Capital Resin Corporation offers a full range of services and is one of the top chemical toll manufacturers anywhere. The expert team at CRC can offer services that include chemical bulk storage, lab and pilot production, shipping, packaging and labeling, as well as packaged materials storage and full-scale production of commercial resins and chemicals.

The list of industrial resins and chemicals produced by Capital Resin Corporation is long, and includes phenolic resins, amino resins, aromatic sulfonic acids, phenols that are alkylated, urethane pre-polymers, acrylic polymers and personal care products. CRC also manufactures formaldehyde, urea formaldehyde concentrate 85, acetoguanamine, acrylic resin and polyurethanes.

As Capital Resin Corporation is one of the best, most highly rated custom chemical contract and toll manufacturing companies working today, the company is often contracted to collaborate with customers in lab and pilot production, chemical bulk storage, shipping, packing and labeling, packaged materials storage and full-scale commercial production.


Capital Resin Corporation also offers the highest level of expertise in the development of Alkylated Phenols for its customers’s specific applications. CRC can create substituted phenols that can be used in industries that need this treatment for dispersants, rubber and as antioxidants.

This product is widely used today in the production of rubber because of the effect it has on resins. It can be used in bonding, curing, reinforcing and tackifying resin, as well as adding to its adhesive quality. The range of this phenol’s use and its many applications are truly amazing.

Capital Resin Corporation was founded in 1976, and is a family-owned company that prides itself on delivery only the highest quality products and services for its customers. Some of the industries that CRC services include agriculture, adhesives, automotive coatings, specialty papers and paper saturation, aerospace and more.

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