Features Secrets iPhone and iPad iOS 9 Which Rarely User Unknown

For those users of the Apple product, be it an iPhone or iPad using iOS 9 with many new features that make it up. However, changes and additional features on the Apple iOS 9 product is not known by many people.

secret features iphone

This time, we will reveal what the update feature when you update their iPhone or iPad yours. On the iPhone and iPad with iOS update 9 there were 10 new features are hidden and can be used as a guide to determine the software updates. Just what is this? Including the following:

1. Secret Safari Address Bar

First you copy the URL from anywhere on your mobile phone, then open Safari and press and hold on the address bar. Then you will see a new button that reads “Paste and Go”. In this way could also do with a text instead of a URL, and you will automatically get the “Paste and Search”.

2. Dismiss Photos

In the photo application already undergone an update, you no longer need to reach out to the left corner to use dismiss the photo and return to the album. Simply slide it to the bottom and this will be very useful for users of the iPhone 6 Plus.

3. Search Messages

The ability to search for text in an application Messages is not something new. For users of the iPhone, simply drag it to the bottom of the contact view, and search contacts will automatically appear. On iOS 9, open the actual results will be rolling into the ‘spot’ the right and briefly highlighting your search term.

4. Fast Scrolling in Photos

In the sector of photography, Apple iOS update 9 you will be able to easily browse through photos and faster than ever before. To open the tap of the pictures you will see the latest visual timeline below the image. You simply drag to locate the image desired.

5. Select Multiple Photos

If the previous iPhone, the user performs a double tap on the selected pictures. But with iOS update 9 by simply pressing or tapping on the first photo and slide your finger around the first photo to select other pictures.