Facebook Wants to Make Applications “streaming” music?

Facebook reportedly has been talking with some of the leading music labels. Based on this information, social networking just replace the logo was thought to be joining the business to streaming music.

Facebook-Music streaming

According to several sources who refused to be named, Facebook already talked to at least three well-known music labels, namely Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music, and Warner Music Group.

It remains unclear what the reason Facebook met with the music labels. The most likely assumption, social networking crafted by Mark Zuckerberg wants to create its own music streaming service.

Typically, a company must discuss music licensing fees with a label, before running the music streaming business.

One other source revealed, the video will play a lot of features in Facebook’s music service is later. Facebook is said to be doing one thing that is “unique” in the video. However, it remains unclear what it will be the implementation of video “unique” is.

If this information is true, for what Facebook actually joined to the music streaming business? Facebook wants to make its last as long as possible in the social networking site. In the US alone, users spent on average for 40 minutes in a day on the site.

With the music features, users are expected to be more “sticky” again at the site with a blue base color is. Obviously, it would be very beneficial in terms of advertising.

However, discussions with all the music labels say is still in the early stages. Facebook reportedly still not taken any decision regarding this streaming music service.

As usual, Facebook declined to comment on the rumors that exist.