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Facebook is a social networking service that is a very big place to share and connect with friends and family as well as others who want each other to know each other.

facebook share new features

Just got the biggest social network founded by Mark Zuckerberg announced a new feature that is named Legacy Contact. This feature is a feature that allows the user to choose either the legacy contact from family or from a friend who is entrusted to manage the account after its death.

If the heirs have been determined, it is in memory of the owner of the account, a replacement write posts that will be displayed on the top of the page timeline of the owner of the account. Successor could also receive new friend requests from someone who sends a friend request to the account owner deceased. Not only that, it also can change the new profile picture and cover photo.

With the Legacy features Contact, then the successor can download pictures of the account owner (deceased), insert and update profile information as an archives and memories can be shared on Facebook. However, as a final step, people can tell the parties concerned if the social network wants its facebook account deleted if later died.