Facebook recently acquired WhatsApp Worth 19 Billion Dollars

A process major acquisitions made by Facebook. After successfully taking over and gained success of Instagram, this time the social network founded by Mark Zuckerberg is successful in acquiring the popular WhatsApp messenger application.

Facebook recently acquired WhatsApp

To buy WhatsApp, Facebook should spend not a little. They have to spend a total of US $ 19 billion. The fund is also far greater than the costs incurred by Facebook to buy Instagram, more precisely 19 times as much.

WhatsApp acquisition payment will be divided into two. Ie US $ 16 billion in cash and shares as well as US $ 3 billion in the form of restricted stock to employees WhatsApp. The high cost of the acquisition is not surprising. Because now is the application WhatsApp messenger with the world’s most popular users reached 450 million people.

Although it has been acquired WhatsApp, Facebook parties will still run the application Facebook Messenger hers. Both the messenger application will continue to run separately.