Facebook Live Have New Features Similar Snapchat

After testing began in June this year, Facebook finally officially rolling the new feature on Facebook Live. This new feature named ‘Masks’ Facebook Live allows users to show their faces to filter based on augmented reality.


To run this feature, Facebook will integrate MSQRD, applications that have been acquired Facebook

For starters, a filter that can already be used theme of Halloween, such as masks witch or pumpkin that commonly arise in the celebration held every October 31 that.

This feature has been sliding for iOS version of Facebook users in the UK, USA and New Zealand.

Some public figures who use Facebook Mentions in iOS also certainly have been able to use this feature. While Android users and users in other countries will get in the coming months.

The presence of this feature for some people might be familiar because Snapchat had already presenting similar features. Feature called Lenses that allows users to add a filter to the face look older or look like zombies. In fact, users can more slender face or the color of his eyes changed.

Facebook in the past few months working hard in the presence of a new feature for Facebook Live. Previously, the company is now led by Mark Zuckerberg was the middle test new features in the app filters such as Prisma. This new feature that lets users change the look of the live broadcast looks like a work of art.