Facebook Launches Suicide Prevention Features

Facebook launched a suicide prevention features for its users. This feature will be available on a drop down menu, so users can upload report indicated someone who would commit suicide. Then, the upload will be flagged by the global Facebook community operations.


Global Facebook community will be watching to make sure the person who uploaded the suicide-related status did not commit suicide.

Users who presented the flag in the uploaded other people can also send a message directly to Facebook or a friend who can reach out and help the needy.

12 year old social network that even providing suggestions or any messages that if would be useful to be delivered in an atmosphere like this.

Facebook Product Manager Vanessa Callison-Burch said, “People actually want to help, but often they do not know what to say to get help or do not know what to do to help his friends.”

Over the past 10 years, many non-governmental organizations and researchers are pressing Facebook to get more involved in helping to prevent suicide. This feature is considered as a good step to address suicide.

For information, Facebook users not only upload and write the status of the good things in life, but also an expression of sadness. Not a few who express how they need help to avoid suicide.