Facebook Launches Instant Article

Facebook future goals to be the mediator’s official news manifested in the form of a feature called Instant Article who started the launch, Wednesday (05/13/2015) local time.

facebook instant article

Instant Article is successfully realized up through collaboration with nine publishers, the Times, BuzzFeed, The Atlantic, National Geographic, NBC News, The Guardian, BBC News, Bild and Der Spiegel.

These features into a single mobile Facebook application. The effect is to make news from partner publishers they can be opened 10 times faster than the open at the publisher’s official web page.

The plan features news collectors will begin to be accessed at 10:00 am Eastern Standard Time (ET) or at 9:00 pm West Indonesia Time (WIB). Such access is temporarily limited to iOS users, then Facebook will also make the Android version.

Actually not many changes were made to link the Instant Article. Facebook provides an additional form of cover-shaped video automatically played when a user navigates the application page.

The social networking giant also apply special treatment to the partner news content so it can be opened 10 times faster than the original site. First, they create news content automatically loaded before the user selects the news link.

Secondly, the way articles are stripped of all advertising and analytic module that has been embedded in original web.

At the Instant Article, users will still find the content publisher logo at the top of the news that was opened. There is also a Follow button to follow all updates from Facebook accounts belonging to the issuer in question.

Facebook Swallowing Media?

Facebook Instant Article can be said to still be experiments alone. However, if this format has been proven, it is made by Mark Zuckerberg’s social network has the potential to dominate the online news distribution.

Instant Articles that contain news content from different websites, currently only 9 publishers course, it has the potential to make users last longer on Facebook. The question that then arises is, how it will affect the length of time the number of users who visit the official web pages publisher.

Concerns that the publisher who is the owner and creator of the content is they must rely on the platform that they have no control.

Currently, the publisher is in the list of Instant Article have two options for ad sales issues. First, Facebook allowed to sell advertising to a specific publisher content available in Instant Article, then the profit is divided in two.

Second, the publishers themselves who are trying to sell content in the Instant Article and the benefit it fully belong to the publisher.

“We are committed to working with publishers by giving them the tools to build a business,” said Vice President of Media Partnership Facebook Justin Osofsky when asked about the profit sharing model.