Facebook and WhatsApp Start Integrated

Social network Facebook last year has acquired instant messaging application WhatsApp, with a value of about 22 billion US dollars.

facebook and whatsapp

Now, Facebook began to integrate instant messaging services with social networking.

In the new mobile Facebook application (version, users are now given the option to send and share news to WhatsApp through the Send button at the bottom.

The button is not currently available to the public version of Facebook users, because the service is still a beta and can only be accessed by the examiner only.

Previously, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had said that Facebook and WhatsApp will remain a separate company, but the merger of the two services has been predicted by observers from the beginning.

The goal, Facebook can increase user traffic services over the WhatsApp application, and increase revenue from ads shown.

Another rumor circulating is that the integration of voice calls in the service Facebook. Previously, WhatsApp has introduced this feature on the voice call services for Android. Services for iOS platforms will follow later.

Although the two companies remain into two separate companies, but it is likely there will be more merger between Facebook and WhatsApp service.