Electric Toothbrush, Oral Health Control Through Smartphone

Have you ever thought that the toiletries can be connected to a telecommunication device or a so-called smartphone? Of course some of us are curious to know what it looks like and how it could be like that.

electric toothbrush with a Smartphone

Technology is currently growing rapidly. We know that some telecommunications equipment comes with the sophistication of each. But this time we certainly feel strange to know that there is an electric toothbrush that can be connected to the smartphone.

Oral-B 7000 is an electric toothbrush that has a Bluetooth connection. Bluetooth toothbrush SmartSeries 7000 gives the sensation of brushing the teeth is almost the same as being in the dentist for teeth cleaning. It could also facilitate the user in control and keep track of oral and dental health.

By bringing design is unique, Oral-B toothbrush 7000 having a fairly small and cute with a very large trunk is equipped with bluetooth button that simplify the user because it is located on the front.

According to information cited Techno Trend of Tech Crunch said that Oral-B 7000 is equipped with a wireless SmartGuide, a digital clock that serves to indicate the progress of the user in brushing teeth, and certainly there are also stem toothbrush and some cute brush head.

With the application of a smartphone that connects to a toothbrush made the user will receive instructions from the program, and the notification settings with the data showing how often you brush your teeth and what level of dental care and oral users.