Drones Are Innovative

Unmanned air vehicles (UAVs), commonly known as drones, are the ultimate in technology for personal use, retail, cinema, military, government, and law enforcement. Most people do not realize that drones have been a major part of military weaponry and surveillance since the early 20th century.


Drones range from a small aircraft that travels only the length of your property to agricultural drones for crops and large pieces of land to being used in law enforcement investigations and keeping professionals on the front lines safe.

Cinema drones, or camera drones, are used for aerial shots, sometimes to capture footage in a dangerous situation, because there is no worry about pilot injury in a human-piloted aircraft.

First person view drone racing is an emerging sport. Using a front facing camera, these drones are piloted as if you were sitting right in the cockpit!

Whether you are a casual newcomer and just want to play with drones or are a veteran of that competitive racing sport, you can find the perfect drone to fit your requirements depending on the use of the drone, the flight preferences, and your budget.

Typhoon H with Intel® RealSense™ Technology

This is an example of a drone with an Intel Atom powered module and an R200 camera that presents stress-free obstacle navigation in any direction. It builds a 3D model of the environment, a full 360° view of the world, for you to navigate through and gives the drone the ability to make choices intelligently when it creates routes to go around objects and obstacles of any size. It is even capable of remembering the location of an obstacle and will automatically avoid it again!

An ST16 Ground Station is a receiver and an all-inclusive transmitter that gives full control over the drone and allows users to easily capture video and photos. A large seven-inch integrated screen displays real-time footage with a range of up to one mile.

With a Team Mode, you simultaneously bind a Personal Ground Station to the copter and another one to the camera. Cooperation between the pilot and the photographer captures breathtaking video and still images as the Typhoon H goes as much as 150 feet. The landing gear retracts to give a full view with no obstructions.

There are other features that can be incorporated, and when you are finished, you switch to Home Mode, and the drone will land within 26 feet of you. Its six arms expertly fold down for compactness and convenience.

Each powerful propeller has a button for easy assembling and disassembling and ensures the best flight experience because your Typhoon is fast and agile and instantly responds to commands.

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