Do not Want Missed, UPS Delivery Now Perform Experiments Using Drone

Jeff Bezos has revealed the company plans to use unmanned aircraft or drones for system delivery to customers Amazon. This also seems to be a serious threat for companies like UPS delivery. And that is not outdated, UPS also reportedly conducted experiments using drones in the delivery of goods.

UPS delivery drone

A source from UPS disclose it. The experiments they are doing in the company’s lab. In a statement to the public, UPS said that the commercial use of drones is an exciting technology. UPS also said that they are considering to use these technologies.

Ryan Calo, a professor in the field of drones say that the use of these technologies will likely only cover a limited area. For companies such as UPS, Calo said that they would use a drone to send packets from the airport to the major cities. But they will not use drones to send packets directly to the doorstep of its customers as practiced by Amazon.