Classcraft, Warcraft RPG style Designed to Increase Interest in Learning of Students

What if the learning atmosphere in the classroom is like playing an online RPG game? This is done by a physics teacher named Shawn Young. The man has succeeded in designing a game called Classcraft are made specifically to be used in teaching and learning.

Classcraft, Warcraft RPG style

In this game, students can choose the desired class, whether it be a warrior, mage or healer. And just like in an RPG game, these students can increase the level of character. However, the increase in the level only they could do with more active learning.

Each of these types of classes in this game has the character of each. A warrior allowed to eat food in the classroom. While a mage has the power to teleport, where he could leave the classroom at the time bored. While a healer can ask the teacher about the response of the test.

To develop this game, Young has spent the last three years. This game is now available for free. In the month of September, Young promised to provide this game for the Android and iOS smartphone users.