Change Logo and Display, Instagram criticized

Photo and video sharing service Instagram update the logo of short duration and display applications, Wednesday night.

logo instagram

The change was intended to enhance the appearance of Instagram application to make it more simple and consistent to help accentuate the photos and video users.

As according to the monitoring, the logo and the old look with retro camera sightings replaced with the background shades of orange, yellow, pink, and purple and white boundary lines for picture camera. Instagram made these changes based on developments in the Facebook-owned service.

Initially, Instagram is an application for editing and sharing photos. Over the past five years, Instagram turned into a global community with a diverse set of interests to share photos and videos, using other creative applications such as Boomerang and layout, as well as connect with other users via Explore.

Instagram has been inspired by the growth and change in the community, and we wanted to create something that reflects how dynamic and diverse way of telling at this time Instagram. In fact, for many purposes, users upload Instagram every day 80 million photos.

In addition to completely change its logo, the company also presents features and Hyperlope Boomerang and change the look of it.

Admittedly, bright colors presented on the logo is fresher than the old logo. During this time, the old logo is considered in need of an update. Instagram assume his old logo could no longer represent a diverse society.

But not so with Layout alias display interface. Unlike before presenting the colors blue and white, Instagram interface now present a more ‘flat’.

Font formerly blue now so black. Meanwhile, incoming notifications which used to be changed to orange red color.

According to Instagram it does not change the way the user in navigating the application. All the features remain the same except for its looks alone.

Unfortunately, Instagram steps to change the logo and the zoom is not supported by all users. Some look like, but other users Instagram thus assume a new look so unappealing.