Caution, Important data held hostage Criminals “Cyber”

There is a type of malicious code or new malware lurking computer users. The new pattern began at the end of 2013 and was named Ransomware by security experts.

security data

Just like the name suggests, Ransom, this malware will be holding the victim by means of data encryption pass up important data. If the data is encrypted by Ransomware victims, then the data will be encrypted in such a way so that the user can not see the original data. Only by using a specific password, the encrypted data can be restored.

Before going any further, do you know what it is encryption? Encryption alone can be interpreted as randomization information. This technique is already used since, when World War occurred.

At that time, to send information, each country needs a radio wave. Wave itself is very vulnerable hijacked so that these countries are required to think of a way to send secure messages.

The way is called encryption. do these techniques, messages sent will be encrypted by the system. If the message was sent hijacked, the pirates will only hear a random words without meaning.

However, the recipient with its tool can instantly decrypt or restore its original message without any difficulty.

Well, Ransomware bekeja like it. Key data belonging to users will be encrypted by Ransomware so it does not have any meaning for the victim. So the data physically remains on the computer, but it has been altered in a way that can not be opened without a decryption process.

For example, a document with the word “Hello” can be encrypted into the word “7c36rtKL7zDiF0OGTvp + 6Y0MRMAi2jJAtm74wI7VwBoBM5e + RURhNAPzb0 / lOo6CHRUh5wM9cc5zzhkDgX53gtQBzhBMbiUHwpa30BzGRig =” by Ransomware.

To restore or decryption of the data required a password. Victims will certainly trouble guessing passwords because the manufacturer has to make sure the keywords Ransomware is very long and difficult to predict.

The only way to restore important data is by paying the amount of money requested the cyber criminals and then he will get a password. The point makers want Ransomware valuable data hostage so that the victim is willing to pay to restore the data.

The type of data in the drill by Ransomware very much. Some of them, as quoted KompasTekno of Vaksincom, Saturday (22/05/2015), the data important financial reports, theses, company databases, images, photographs, design results, presentations, and film.

Ransomware pioneer a successful and very famous known named Cryptolocker. They carry out the action in September 2013 and deployed utilizing the Zeus Bot Net network. Because of the high casualties, it attracted the attention of the FBI and in mid-2014, a container server password for victims Cryptolocker successfully detected and controlled by the FBI.

Then the decryption key distributed free of charge and with the help of FireEye and Fox IT and can be accessed via

If you become a victim Cryptolocker, please contact the antivirus vendor to get help decrypt the file. However, if infected since the beginning of 2015, most likely not Cryptolocker that infect other computers but Ransomware.

According to records Vaksincom, Ransomware post Cryptolocker that many casualties to this day is CTBLocker (Curve Tor Bitcoin), Cryptowall, and Teslacrypt.