Blake Ross, Youth Baby Face Creator of Firefox Browser

The majority of Internet users certainly never wear or at least familiar with the Firefox browser. Internet explorer with the symbol of fire fox it is still popular and each day is used by many people to access the virtual world.

The Firefox browser creator Blake Ross

Firefox history can not be separated from this young man named Blake Ross. Blake along with some colleagues, took the initiative to launch the browser in 2004. At that time, he was still 19 years old.

Smart young man of Jewish descent, was born in Miami, Florida, on June 12, 1985. He was born in the family is enough, his mother a psychologist and the father worked as a lawyer.

His talent in the field of technology has seen since childhood. At the age of 10 years, he has made his first website through America Online. When he was 14 years old, Blake moved from Florida to California and internship at Netscape Communications Corporation, the company that was then known for its browser products.

But Netscape began to stagger as Internet Explorer from Microsoft. Blake also racked his brain. In 2002, Blake and some of his colleagues began developing a new browser. That is the forerunner of Firefox.

Ross and colleagues Dave Hyatt and Joe Hewitt had the vision to create a browser that is simple but stable and fast. Be they gave birth to the first generation of Firefox. Released in 2004, Firefox immediately popular.

Firefox until now still in demand as internet explorer comfortable, although competitors have sprung up. They are third in a matter of market share and according to Mozilla, Firefox used approximately 450 million users worldwide. This browser is a huge success in countries such as Indonesia, Iran, Germany and Poland

Blake Ross who graduated from Stanford University is also now live reaping the rewards of the success of Firefox and other projects. According to estimates by Forbes magazine, Blake has a wealth of in the range of USD 150 million.

Since 2007, Blake had worked as the Director of Product at Facebook. But he resigned in early 2013.

Blake is indeed quite closely partnered with Facebook. Because startup created, Paralay, Facebook bought in 2007. Startup is developing an interface to bridge the user experience on the desktop and the web.

But Blake said he did not do it because of the money. Simply because he was happy to do it. “I’m not doing this for the money. I really liked it,” said Ross once.

Regarding the success of Firefox, he did not forget to thank all those who play a role. “Firefox was the root of the Mozilla open source project and would not exist without the help of thousands of volunteers,” he said. “And it will be a free Firefox forever,”

“If you really create a great product, it will spread by word of mouth. If there’s nothing to talk about, it is a product that is not worth talking about,” he said about the need to always make a good product.