Beware of Scams Through WhatsApp

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WhatsApp users seem to need to be wary of a malware message that is sent in sequence by a “friend” through the application of green bearing this message.

Therefore, fraudsters targeting users of this application by sending a message containing a link for its users. The links appear to come from the user’s friends WhatsApp.

When opened, the link actually leads users to a discount page and ask them to enter personal data. Users who do not digest the message is certainly just enter the number of the requested data.

In turn, this will make the mobile phone the user is infected with malware. In addition, it allows for the fraudsters obtain sensitive information.

As is known, WhatsApp is a messaging application that is arguably the most popular around the world. The number of users reached one billion, which made him a target of digital crime.

Principal Security Researcher David Emm of Kaspersky Lab says the message in the form of fraud can arise in several languages. “We noted that fraud through WhatsApp has been happening for some time. The message also “speak” in several languages ​​so that the attack can be customized for each place, “he told This Is Money.

Typically, the sender sends the message contains an invitation to the user to forward the message to 10 contacts in order for the user to get discounted gift certificates. For example the merchant like Starbucks, Zara, and others.

In response to this, a security expert also reminded the more savvy users to pass on such information the fraud.