Behind the Scenes “Internet bubble” Google Loon

Loon Project is one of Google’s project to bring the Internet network in remote locations with balloon rides that acts like a satellite.

The balloons were used in this project fly using solar power. Project Loon plans to expand the network coverage internet world by creating a network of Wi-Fi in the air using balloons.

Loon project is expected to provide Internet access for people in remote areas that are difficult to reach traditional infrastructure.

How Google prepares balloon in Project Loon? A behind-the-scenes video that was recently released by Google give some idea about it.

The video in question, among others, show the development of the process of making a balloon.

Mentioned that Google has managed to cut the time of making the balloon from a few days to be completed in a matter of hours. Each of these balloons in the stratosphere that can last up to 100 days.

One balloon Google some time ago had detected crossing over Indonesia.

In providing an internet connection, Google is working with a local operator who has a LTE network, for example in New Zealand.

Google-air balloons used in Project Loon has started last tested since June 2013. At that time, there were about 30 balloons were launched from New Zealand and transmits the internet signal to a number of testers.

Since then, Google has also been piloting balloons Loon Project in a number of other countries, such as Brazil in May 2014 and Australia in December 2014.