Apple Designing Cars Without Drivers

Apple reportedly is building their version of the electric car named Titan. Not only that, the electric car is also rumored to have the ability to walk on his own (self-driving).

apple cars

Apple’s smart car project was developed to compete with other automatic car project, as did Google.

Apple project is more inclined to the development of software to be used. “As software for the game, all about driving an automatic,” said a source inside Apple.

In other words, Apple would want to have operating systems and interfaces that are owned by the automatic car. Apple called more positioning itself to control the platform that will be carried otonomos cars that will be outstanding in the future.

Another approach

Competitors Apple, Google, has another approach in terms of smart cars. Google brings its Android platform into the cabins of cars in the future.

Android in a car whose information was obtained from a number of sources is called a further development of the Android software Auto are available in the latest version of the Android OS.

With Android Auto, users can do things, like streaming music and open map or application. However, smartphones still have to be connected to the car, as well as Android competitor Auto, CarPlay from Apple.

By integrating directly into the system Android cars, motorists can access a variety of Google services without the need to rely on a smartphone that could have run out of battery.

Google also could make Android as a standard for the navigation system and vehicle entertainment, while strengthening its position in the automotive realm in competition against Apple.