Android Things, Google’s New Operating System Device IOT

Android and Android Wear was not the only one operating system (OS) owned by Google. Unknown, the search engine giant has just finished developing a new operating system, is devoted to the IOT (Internet of Things) called “Android Things”.

Android things

As is known, the IOT technology is now available to help users connect with an electronic device that is not just a mobile phone or tablet.

With the IOT, users can control other devices via cell phone. Well, Google wants to maximize the Android operating system for users to more easily take advantage of IOT.

In designing Android Things, Google take advantage of services and features that had already been made.

They combine Brillo, IOT-based Android operating system that was previously released, with some services such as Android Studio, Android SDK, Google Play Services to the Google Cloud Platform.

The goal was to make it easier for developers (developers) to create a smart home devices that will be connected to Android.

Not only that, Google also creates support for the Android Things Weave, his IOT communication platform that can help smart devices connected to Google services and can be made to ‘talk’ to other devices, including Google Assistant.

Technology companies such as Philips and Samsung Hue SmartThings had also been using Weave platform. Google said, later some other manufacturing companies such as Belkin, WeMo, LiFX, Honeywell, Wink, TP-Link and First Alert will follow.

In addition, Google also describes the user can design products with support for hardware such as Intel Edison, NXP Pico and Raspberry Pi 3.

Google hopes Android presence Things can support the development of IOT Google’s platform to depanya.

Although many other alternative operating systems for developers IOT, a company based in Mountain View was optimistic that, if the operating system is more capable than others because it also has access to cloud services.

Things are still entering the Android Developer Preview process. And now, Google still fix Brillo order to be able to invite users of slow migration to Android Things.