Android M has Announced, A New Feature?

Google has announced the latest version of their mobile operating system is Android M at the Google I / O Developer. But Android M stands or official name of their latest version of the OS has not been revealed by Google, so we call it with the latest version of Android M. existing at this time that Android 5.0 is still not long Lollipop present, still approximately 7 months, and the level adoption was not great, there are still about 10 percent.

Android M New Features

But it is the development of software technology and the demands of the mobile operating system that better makes Google continues to bring the latest version of Android to the market.

So we just discuss what the hell’s new in Android M?

Licensing applications / App Permissions

Application licensing issues that are frequently asked when installing an application will be revamped and made more complete so that users can actually regulate in detail, especially we can regulate what applications are allowed to access certain features of our devices.

Google Now is better

Google Now which is digital assistants such as Siri and Cortana enhanced so that it can recognize the scope of the use of better.

Android Pay

Pay Android is Google’s mobile payment service, such as the presence of back Google Wallet System that supports NFC and fingerprint.

Batteries More Durable

In everyday life, Android devices are often problematic in terms of battery life where the number of applications often make batteries run out quickly, Android M introduces Doze mode feature that uses sensors on the device to recognize the device when not in use, such as when placed on the table or placed in a pocket which makes enter the deep sleep mode that uses minimal power to save.

Share Direct / Direct Share

Features shared an important feature where we often need to share files, or data. Android M tried to facilitate this by making the device recognize how, and where even to whom we often share, so Android M can be put on the top of the list. Although this increase is not significant but quite useful for us who like to share.

Search Google Play Better

Google Play Store is a major gateway to find and install new applications on Android, so Android M need to bring an increase in the search for applications in the Play Store with more personalization and smarter search. Play Store will detect applications that have been installed, search history and other information for display applications that are more appropriate to the search results, which are also placed in categories. In addition there will be a marker for safe applications for children and families

New UI features

Google presents a new UI theme in Android mode M is dark so that we can change the theme from light to dark, in which this feature has been requested by many users of Android. This mode can be set in order to break automatically.