Amazon Releases Alexa Virtual Assistant for Business

Amazon continues to strengthen its foothold in the realm of technology. This time, companies struggling in the e-Commerce business and cloud computing released the Alexa for Business service.

Amazon virtual assistant

Alexa for Business is a virtual assistant developed by Amazon. Alexa was first used on Amazon Echo and Echo Dot devices. The difference, Alexa for Business is targeted to be used in the workplace for companies and organizations.

Alexa for Business is expected to increase work productivity. The company can set Alexa to suit its needs.

Alexa for Business users can use these services for various office activities including scheduling meetings, connecting with conference calls, and organizing other activities within the office, via voice commands.

Companies can manage a number of things about how to use Alexa for Business. For example, the Alexa for Business tool may be set according to the designated location such as meeting room.

The presence of Alexa for Business itself is in line with Amazon’s assessment that the sound is one of the key to communicating in digital systems. “Human beings use a variety of things to communicate in the future including with sound and maybe the aroma, but I think the first step of all is the sound, this change will happen and that’s normal,” said Amazon’s CTO, Werner Vogels.

He believes the sound will be an important part of the digital world. “Voice will be crucial for the digital system in a variety of ways and everyone can use,” Werner Vogels.