Amazon now Using Robotic Technology Company Hers

The use of robot technology to replace human labor are now beginning to be done by many companies of the world. Some time ago, revealed the existence of Microsoft’s robot guards stationed in Silicon Valley. And now, the company is the world’s largest e-commerce, Amazon also appeared to use a robot Kiva orange in his company.

Amazon and tecnologi robot

The use of a robot that was used to take the goods stored in the warehouse. Even Amazon has a total of 15 thousand robot that can simultaneously carry goods in considerable numbers. And it was certainly further improve work efficiency in the warehouse. Especially at the moment Black Friday last year, they recorded sales of about 37 million items.

Not only can improve the efficiency of the work, the robot can also reduce the cost to be incurred by the company. Amazon senior VP, Dave Clark said that in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčoperations that employ robots, there is a decrease in operating costs up to 20 percent. And he also revealed that in the future, the level of use of robots will increasingly added.