Advantages and Disadvantages of VPN and Functions

VPN or Virtual Private Network is a private network that is not in common use. VPNs are commonly used by users who require security over the Internet to perform various activities in the Internet world. VPN certainly isn’t foreign to the internet users. You can also find many VPN providers with a view VPN ratings are on review a variety of trusted sites to find the best VPN providers.

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VPN is very popular among internet users. By using a VPN person can access all the sites including the blocked sites. Well to find out more and more about VPN, the discussion this time I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of VPNs and their functions.

Here Advantages and Disadvantages of VPN and Functions

VPN Function and How it Works

Before knowing what are the advantages and disadvantages VPN, let us know what are the functions of a VPN. VPN or Virtual Private Network has the function of which is for the purpose of remote desktop access, access between the LAN network to the LAN, have the ability to limit functions of the Internet, and more.

VPN supports network protocols such as IPSec, SOCKS, PPTD, and L2TP. The protocol helps to authenticate. In general, encrypted VPN network will improve security features. In this case the VPN is not visible on larger networks. To use VPN users require a server that serves as a liaison between computers.

In starting the connection, computer users will use the VPN Client application. The application will contact the VPN server, which then verifies the username and password of the user. If successful, the VPN Server will provide new IP Address on the user’s computer. With such a connection or tunnel will be formed.

For the next computer users can do things like transfer data securely, perform remote desktop, and other purposes. For VPN users can open the sites that have been blocked if using a regular Internet network. So what are the advantages and disadvantages VPN?

Advantages VPN

  • By using a VPN users can access a computer or network from anywhere that has an internet connection.
  • Have high levels of security, using a VPN connection users can surf safely, including through a WiFi hotspot.
  • VPN into a cost effective solution for business organizations by using a special network.
  • VPN can work in the public network are like a WiFi hotspot or a private network. See how it works it contains VPN includes a flexible network.
  • Can open blocked sites and hide IP address is replaced with the Public IP VPN.

Disadvantages VPN

  • VPN requires attention in setting clear security system to prevent acts of cyber crime. This is due to the provision of public access.

There are many solutions offered by VPN as provide long-distance connections, file sharing, and other matters related to the network. Thus the earlier discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of VPN and functions that you can know. There are various features offered by the internet service could be offered as well as through a VPN with cost effectiveness.