70% of Internet Users Fear The data Tapped

Consumer IT Security Risks Survey 2015 showed that the number of Internet users who are concerned about online privacy increase significantly from last year.

internet data tapped

70% of users are concerned that someone could gain access to their personal files, 61% are concerned that there may be programs on their devices that can collect information about them, and 49% do not trust their own webcam.

Webcams are known often used hackers to spy on the owner of the device. All of these issues require a security solution to find new ways to ensure the privacy of users on their devices.

For that Kaspersky Lab launched the latest version of security solutions for home users that Kaspersky Internet Security Multi-Device and Kaspersky Total Security Multi-Device.

This product was developed specifically to protect the most important thing for the user, namely privacy, data, identity, money, and the user device itself.

“Privacy of personal is the absolute right of every person, be it in the real world or virtual. This is why Kaspersky Lab do all in its power to protect everything that is of value to the user – personal files and their privacy – from cyber criminals and people curious other than the Internet, “said Elena Kharchenko, Head of Consumer Product Management, Kaspersky Lab through its official statement.

Elena said that these measures would be more effective if the user follows the practices of secure Internet, such as protecting the device and their accounts with strong passwords, avoid downloading files from untrusted sources, and run regular scans to cyber threats on the computer they.

As you know, social networking, advertising and analytical agencies often ask for information about the user’s browsing activity, their location, search history, and so forth.

Those accessing this information through a browser and can resell it, and use it to show contextually targeted ads to users.

Features `Private Browsing` can delete data from Internet traffic and report any requests that are blocked to users through a special plugin in Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome.

In addition, the tool `Privacy Cleaner` updated help remove all traces of user activity from a Windows computer, including browser history, recent documents list opened, and others.

Likewise with `Webcam Protection` feature that prevents the interception of images from a webcam, webcam notify users when they are accessed by applications that are legitimate and provide convenience to block all access to the camera.