7 Ways to avoid addiction to gadgets

Have you heard the term Nomophobia? Nomophobia is the fear (phobia) when a person is not able to be separated from the gadget or smartphone. If it also happens to you, you may have also suffered from nomophobia or addicted to gadgets.

addiction gadgets

It can not be denied that, at this time of technological sophistication on the gadget has been luring almost entire community. If it is left alone, of course, everyone can be exposed Nomophobia. However, in fact if you want to, you can avoid it? How to? Here are 7 ways to avoid addiction to gadgets adapted from Yahoo.

Turn off the social media notifications

Many people do not feel when notice on the smartphone it is also one of the reasons they always use the smartphone. As well, social media notice that almost every time invites you to unlock the smartphone. If you want to avoid addiction to gadgets, then you can turn off the notification.

Set limits in the use of smartphones

You have to tell yourself that the smartphone is used only for things that are important. You also have to give a limit when you want to wear a smartphone. For example, you do not use a smartphone at mealtime, do not use a smartphone when chatting with a friend, and avoid the use of smartphones before bed.

Remove all social media applications

Perhaps this sounds extreme, because it should remove all social media applications. However, when you actually do it, you will not be addicted to the gadgets anymore. It’s like using a mobile phone ‘old’ are only for phone and SMS. That way, if you do not want to call or send an SMS, the mobile phone will not use.

Turn off chat group chat

Group chat is always give notice that seemed never to stop. Almost every minute, there are people who chat on the group. This course will tempt you to check what is the chatting. However, you can avoid it by turning off your group chat.

Turn off your smartphone before bedtime

In order not to use the smartphone before bed, you can turn off the smartphone. If only placed slightly away from your bed, you might be tempted to use it again.

Keep smartphone while you’re working

Erik Altmann, a professor of psychology at Michigan State University, found that disorders of smartphones will increase errors in the work. Therefore, we recommend that you put the smartphone in your work outdoors or kept out of your sight.

Lock your smartphone with a password length

Most people only use a short password to unlock the smartphone. However, if you want to reduce addiction smartphone, you should try to use a long password. By doing so, you will feel lazy to open the smartphone having to enter a password that is too long.

Well, that was some way to avoid addiction to gadgets. In essence, a smartphone that’s just a communication tool to increase your productivity. Do not let the communication tools take over your life and make you nomophobia.