7 Tips Typing For Android Users Should Know

Some of us may have experienced or are still often confused in terms of typing if faced with an Android device you have. For example, still wondering how to type letters with accent marks? Confused looking dashboard em, or if dealing with a complicated URL? And you might have thought and dreaming could have another alternative that can be obtained on the screen?

android typing

Here are 8 tips typing written that should be known by the users of Android, which can make younger users in terms of typing. Refer to the detailed description below.

1. Signs Accents

By using Android, users can type an email by accessing the portion of accent marks (accent marks) either acute, grave, circumflex by pressing and handle letter key (eg “A”) on your Android device. (See picture above)

2. Enable Capital Letter Mode

Users locate the Shift key? By tapping twice, a small horizontal line will appear near the bottom of the shift key, which indicates that you are in Caps mode.

3. The currency symbol

Users want to type the currency symbol from other countries such as the yen (¥), the euro (€), or the pound (£)? It’s easy, simply press and hold the button for a dollar sign. By doing so it will automatically appear several options currency symbols of other countries.

4. The stripe length and symbols

The possibility some of you ever seek an em dash (long strip) but in your android device do not prepare directly or in other words an em dash this time there but hidden. Well to find, users can simply press en dash (short dashes) and hold it directly will appear em dash you need.

5. Emoticons

Nowadays almost everyone when typing not forget him Include an emoticon. Yes, the current Android devices also have had few options called emoji emoticons.

In the android keyboard, press and hold the “finished / enter” key or carriage-return in the lower right corner of the key, and slide your finger first look at hundreds of emoticons available continuously swiping to see the amount of variation and several other categories.

6. Mode Sound

If you are lazy to type, also available in the android interesting features. By pressing a little microphone icon on the keyboard located on the upper right corner.

7. Access button or symbol that is often used

In the android keyboard, no need to flip to an alternate set of keys to get to the exclamation mark, percent sign or symbol that you often encounter everyday. Instead users can simply press and hold period (.) If you do so, then a pop-up of more than a dozen general symbol will appear, and everything from the key to the ampersand and question mark.