7 Signs of a mobile phone is being tapped

Phone tapping or phone is not really new in this current era. But maybe some of us are still wondering, how the process of tapping takes place, or is there a simple way to check whether a phone is tapped or not.

tapped phone

It turns out there are some signs that can easily be understood, which indicates whether a phone tracked, intercepted, or may be monitored by a particular party.

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1. Sounds intrusive

If there are unusual noises that sound – usually bother – during a conversation on your phone, it could be you are being monitored.

In the past, the voices are indeed reasonable and related to the analog network. But given the current phone runs on digital networks, these voices are not reasonable.

2. Battery capacity decreases

Another sign that a mobile phone is tapped reduced battery performance. When a cell phone is tapped, all activity on the phone was recorded and sent them to third parties. It increases battery usage and consequently, the battery capacity decreases rapidly.

An intercepted phone can also continue to record conversations in the room, even when the phone is in idle condition appears. And of course, it is draining the phone battery capacity.

You can ensure this by using your phone’s battery in another phone with the same models and software, and then comparing the results.

Is your cell phone uses more battery power than a cell phone with the model and the same software? If so, it could be your cell phone was tapped, or other possibilities, your battery is defective.

3. The phone shows the activity when not in use

Is your cell phone to make sounds or turn on the screen when you’re not using it? It may be that you are being tapped.

Or if your phone is also often reboot / restart of a sudden? If so, there may also be those who have remote access to your phone.

4. Process shutdown lasts longer

Before a smart phone (smartphone) die (shutdown), the cell phone must complete the first tasks being processed. When your phone is transmitting data to someone without your knowledge, your cell phone must complete the process before the shutdown.

Therefore, if the phone takes longer than usual to die for, especially after a call, text, email or web browsing, it’s possible your phone is sending information on such activities to a third party.

5. Receiving odd text

Did you receive a strange text message containing the number, symbol or random characters? Features remote control from a software to spy, works by sending a text message to your mobile phone encrypted secrets.

In some cases, the text message can be seen when the software is not working properly. When this happens regularly, there may be a spy app on your phone.

6. Battery temperature feels warm

Further indicator that a phone is tapped seen from the temperature of the battery. If the phone feels warm, even when you’re not using your phone, your cell phone can be used secretly to transmit certain data.

However, it should be underlined, this is just a sign of potential.

7. Data usage increases

Some spy applications using additional data to send information gathered from your phone. Therefore, check to see if there is an increase in the use of data is not reasonable in your monthly data usage.

Meanwhile, the use of data from any software program best spy has been reduced and will be almost impossible to find the gap, but bad software program will demonstrate the use of significant data.