7 Do not upload it on Facebook

Having a social network and upload status, photos, and videos and interact with friends in the virtual world becomes a common practice by many people.

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However, not all things worth share in social media, especially social networking sites like Facebook has been used by more than one billion users worldwide.

Reveals some things that should not be uploaded on Facebook. Anything?

1. When You Leave Home

A social networking users should not upload status that tells others that she was leaving the house, either for a vacation or just an overnight stay two nights. The reason is, that you upload this information could be used by parties who intend evil. For example using the occasion when the house is empty for breaking into houses and stealing valuables.

2. Phone Number

Avoid to display personal information such as your phone number on Facebook. Therefore, other users can use it for handing out your personal number to others who might have bad intentions towards you.

3. Relationship Status

Security expert Andy O’Donnell argues, it would be safe for a person not to publish the status of relationships in your Facebook profile. The reason, it can be used by the stalker to acts of physical or sexual abuse.

4. Photographs Not Inappropriate

Never upload photographs indecent or inappropriate in your social networking account. It can be used by people who are not responsible for things that endanger the safety of yourself.

5. Password

Passwords are things that should be kept secret from anyone. Therefore, never uploaded information about your password or tell it to anyone, including lovers or people nearby. Therefore, it can make you the target of cyber-crime.

6. Home Address

Conscious or not, there are still many who think that the home address is the thing that should be published on social networks. Without realizing it, in fact it is harmful, remember, not all my friends on Facebook is a close friend. To avoid unwanted things, it’s better not to ask personal information such as home address.

7. Do not Spread Photos Children in Social Media

Most parents are happy to upload photos of children on social networking then mark (tag) to others. In fact, it is important to remember that anyone you know on social networks probably not a person who has good intentions. How Stuff Works wrote, parents who want to protect their children not to mark the child’s photo to other people as it relates to child safety.