7 Applications Friends Travel Windows Phone

Windows Phone ecosystem is not yet as much as Android. But that does not mean there is no interest in Windows Phone application to be a friend of your holiday.

app windows phone

Here are a few applications and games recommended holiday Microsoft Device is available in the Windows Phone Store Lumia users to make the holiday more exciting:

1. HERE Drive + allows users Lumia to have a navigation directions, which provides maps in 118 countries complete with voice guidance.

Map is accessible offline after the first download via Wi-Fi connection. This application is suitable for users who want to travel outside the city or even abroad.

2. Subway Surfer, festive Christmas atmosphere of the city of London filled with Christmas gifts is shown on the installation of the latest in this popular game.

3. FarmVille 2: Country Escape, snow-capped beauty of the estate does not diminish the spirit of playing FarmVille. Users can decorate houses, livestock and gardening or fish for dinner.

4. Slots – House of Fun, casino-themed games and Santa Claus Christmas holiday is equipped with slot machines that appear every week, brings more excitement to the holiday.

5. Talking Santa, for fans of games Talking Tomcat, Talking Santa will be a game that is no less fun to accompany holiday Lumia users. Users can speak through a microphone and hear the sounds that imitate speech Santa user.

6. Minecraft: Pocket Edition, a game that allows players to organize, create and explore in the world of Minecraft. But to play, users must pay can only enjoy the game Minecraft with several challenges such as survival and creative modes, multiplayer games with a Wi-Fi connection, infinite world, caves, a new biome, mobs, rural and more.

7. New! Candy Crush Saga, as one of the world’s most popular games, Candy Crush Saga has been present in the Windows Phone Store to allow users to play in the candy world. If it has passed the level 50, users can enter the Dreamworld and met with owl named Odus. New! Candy Crush Saga can be downloaded for free.