6 Tips to Protect Your Smartphone from Damage

The latest Smartphone comes with a number of features that are claimed to protect mobile phones from a variety of conditions. Call it features a waterproof or dust attached to a number of types of smartphones.

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Nevertheless, can not be denied that the smartphone may experience a variety of physical damage such as scratches, cracks, or other damage.

Some damage can be avoided either by such measures of protection as well as to minimize the damage that may occur.

1. Always remember where you put Smartphone

Be sure to always remember where you put the smartphone, and the danger of what might be on him. For example, when you put the phone on the table that you can reach the children, they would easily find it, play it, or perhaps slamming.

2. Beware when handling Smartphone

These tips you need to remember, especially if you are a person who likes to do activities in places extreme. For example, when you want to take photos on the edge of a waterfall or cliff, lest smartphone of grip!

3. Be vigilant while in Bathroom

For some people, the smartphone must not miss wherever they go, including to the bathroom though. Well, you better be careful when putting the smartphone in the sink, on the toilet or bathtub. It would be better if you did not take their smartphone go to the bathroom.

4. Be careful when bagging Smartphone

If you are a person who likes bagging smartphones in a pants pocket, be sure not to put sharp objects such as keys. It could make a smartphone scratched. Also, do not forget to take your smartphone out of your pocket while going to soak pants. Otherwise, it would be inundated smartphone when washed!

5. Install scratch-Screen Smartphone

A number of vendors have been presenting good protection to the screen with Gorilla Glass or other similar technologies. It turns out that was not enough, so users need to install extra scratch to avoid the phone.

6. Buy and Use Back Case

There are different types of smartphones case both in terms of thickness and material used. Choose back case that fits your needs. The more active the move to smartphones, it helps you select the case back strong.