5 Ways that Labels can Boost Your Brand

Some of the most successful marketing options today are the result of new technology meeting time-tested techniques. One example is stickers (and self-adhesive labels), which remain popular among business owners. Why? Partly because they are incredibly utilitarian and can be used in a myriad of ways that both help you meet your business needs while also attracting new customers.

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Here are some reasons why stickers are in such demand:

1. Stickers make it easy for people to identify a product. In traditional, brick-and-mortar stores, custom product labels catch a customer’s eye and provide information on what the product can do. If required, the label can also include information about ingredients and along with health and safety warnings.

2. Logos on labels reinforce your branding. Chances are that you’ve spent good money on the development of your company and product logos. Show them off to their best advantage on custom labels for your products, packaging and as standalone marketing pieces.

3. Label information can increase business. You know you have a great product, and so do your customers. Make it easy for them to reorder by putting your website URL on all of your product and promotional labels.

4. Custom stickers are great giveaways. Kids love stickers, as do many adults. They make great giveaways at trade shows and events, and regular customers may be happy to display a sticker on their cars or bicycles as a way of helping you promote your business.

5. Stickers can do double-duty as address labels. If you are shipping products to customers, return address labels are a must. Many shippers require them, and they help your company save time and money if the package turns out to be undeliverable. In addition, a label with your company name and logo can increase customer excitement when your package is received.

So what’s new about today’s stickers? You, the business owner, can actually design them online, all by yourself, without having to pay a graphic designer. Companies like Custom Sticker Makers offer websites that allow anyone to create an attractive, business-quality sticker online.

In fact, new software allows for significant customization of stickers and labels, allowing you to try out different colors, fonts and designs until you get the look that you want. Giving this software a try may be all you need to develop new confidence in your creative skills while also taking your business to the next level.