5 Tips for Organizing a Corporate Event

Maybe you’re putting together an international trade show. Maybe you’re just throwing an office party. Whatever your reasons for organizing and hosting a corporate event, you’ll need to prepare certain things in advance if you want the gathering to go off without a hitch. Here are just five tips for planning something with style.

event corporate

1. Have a Goal

Plan your event around a specific goal. It can be as serious as “find more investors” or as simple as “increase brand awareness,” and you don’t actually have to achieve it. Just keep it in mind as you plan activities, lectures, seminars and guest speakers; having everything centered around a goal will give the event structure.

2. Choose Your Venue Wisely

You’ve probably already thought about practical things like seating room and traffic patterns, but don’t forget the little details as well. For example, where can smokers grab a puff between presentations? Where can you set up the company’s check-in booths? How far will sound carry in the auditorium?

3. Offer Downtime

You might be tempted to pack every minute of your event with activities and announcements, but not only will your crowd get cranky without bathroom breaks, but they’ll also lack the opportunity for something very important: networking. Make sure that your event offers plenty of “walk around and socialize” blocks if you want your schedule to be a successful one.

4. Give Away Prizes and Gift Bags

Everyone loves a freebie, and putting together a nice gift bag can really impress your guests. Avoid generic giveaways like pencils and branded key chains, however. Give them something that ties into the theme or goal of your event so that they’ll always associate the two things together in their minds.

5. Ask the Experts

If you’re having trouble with venues and budgets, don’t be afraid to reach out to the professionals. A good corporate event planner can help you with all stages of event preparation, and they’ll probably have a few tricks up their sleeve to boot. They do this for a living, so you can take advantage of their insider knowledge and experience to throw an event that no one will forget.

Whether it’s a meeting, conference or fundraiser, these tips can help you plan the perfect corporate event. It might seem like a daunting task, but if you take it one step at a time, it isn’t that difficult at all. Good luck!