5 Secret Features that Exist in Windows 10

Most of you would use a PC or laptop with a Microsoft Windows-based operating system (OS). Through Windows 10, Microsoft claims the new OS is claimed more quickly and efficiently so as to improve user productivity. Not only that, Windows 10 has some hidden features that not many people know.

Windows 10

1. Enable the Shutdown Feature

Feeling bored with how to turn off the computer-that’s all, Bill Gates pioneer company presents a slightly different features.

To access this feature, you can right-click on the desktop and select New> Shortcut.

In the pop-up window, paste the following line of code:% windir% \ System32 \ SlideToShutDown.exe. If this feature is already active, you just need to click the icon on the desktop and drag the screen down and then the computer will automatically shut down.

2. Enable Multiple Desktop

Windows 10 will be armed with a new browser called ‘Spartan’.

Multiple screens or multiple desktops are features that allow users to open applications simultaneously on a single screen.

In Windows 10, you just drag the active program to every corner of the screen to divide a quarter of the program screen you need. You can also set it with Windows key + arrow direction as you wish.

3. Use Touchpad Gesture to Access Variety of Features

Windows 10 re-penetrate the number of users three-fold, ie as many as 53 million users

For you laptop users, touchpad gesture in Windows 10 can help you access various features more quickly.

Many say this feature is an adaptation of features that already exist in Apple products.

Here are the touchpad movements that are useful for everyday:

– Scroll: Slide horizontally or vertically with two fingers.

– Zoom in / out: Pinch or pinch using two fingers.

– Right click: Tap with two fingers on the touchpad.

– Show desktop: Slide the touchpad opposite to the screen using three fingers.

– View all windows: Slide the touchpad toward the screen using three fingers.

– Switch apps: Swipe left or right using three fingers.

4. Close Application with Aero Shake

Windows 10 also features a feature that allows users to close the application by shaking it, the Aero Shake.

Way, you just need to hover over the top of Windows programs, like browser, Word, and others.

Then click and the desired program, and shake the windows to close all the programs except those being shaken.

5. The Secret Game in Cortana

Cortana is a virtual assistant created by Microsoft to help users of Windows 10. By default, Cortana can be accessed through the search form that is in the taskbar.

Not only that, you can also ask Cortana help to open the app, play music, do a web search, display the latest news, to give notification important.

Cortana also has the ability to play small games. The trick, type ‘Rock Paper Scissors’, ‘Roll the Die’, or ‘Flip the Coin’. And see what happens.