5 Safety Features to Add to Your Teen’s Smartphone

If you have a young adolescent at your home, you’ve probably considered getting your child a smartphone or your teen already has one. Teens with smartphones need to have guidelines and expectations to avoid potential problems that could come with having unlimited access. Even if you’re not technologically literature, it’s important to put some controls on your teen’s phone. Here are five essential safety features to get added to your child’s phone.

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1. Net Nanny

One place to start for safety control on your teen’s phone is with a company called Net Nanny. Net Nanny helps you keep your children from being exposed to profanity and inappropriate content. You can even set time limits for your children on their devices, so this could be a great solution for laptops and tablets as well. Pediatricians agree that children getting too much screen time each day can be harmful to their developing brains.

2. PocketGuardian

Another app to choose for smartphone safety for your teen is PocketGuardian. Parents are able to keep a close eye on their child’s activities. Text messages that contain sexual material or bullying language are flagged and sent to you. This way, you can help your teen from getting wrapped up in one of the biggest dangers of unlimited phone access, free access to their peers at any time of day or night. Bullying today goes well beyond the school day with many children, and if you are aware of potential bullying situations, you can help your child get through it.

3. TeenSafe

TeenSafe is another great cell phone monitoring solution that goes beyond just online browsing. Parents can keep a watchful eye on their child’s GPS location through his or her cell phone. Phone calls, web browser history, and text messages are also available for parents to view with TeenSafe. This way, you can keep your child’s privacy safe and start to have conversations about the importance of keeping personal information secure. Experts from the MVU Online cyber security program are using new technologies to develop better ways of protecting this information.

4. OpenDNS

OpenDNS is a great family online safety tool that works with all of the devices in your household. Besides offering privacy and filtering features to avoid adult content, inappropriate language, and other content that’s not safe for children, OpenDNS protects you and your kids from phishing attacks, where scammers send links via email or social media to fake websites looking for personal or financial information. You and your kids can learn how to navigate social media with caution. Students in UAB’s information system bachelors degree program learn additional ways to use social media safely and more effectively.

5. Circle With Disney

The final tool to increase your teen’s safety with his or her smartphone is Circle With Disney. Circle uses a device that hooks into your home’s wireless connection, so it primarily focuses on home based cell phone and computer use. Parents can control the internet through time limits, off switches, and filtering of different types of information.
Your teen’s phone usage is something that you are ultimately responsible for. Take control with some of these recommended monitoring and safety tools to keep your child from being exposed to worst parts of online life.