5 Reasons Why Firefox is Better than Chrome

Currently Chrome browser has a market share of around 56 percent, so that Google’s browser dominated in desktop devices. However, this figure is somewhat confusing, since there are other browsers, including Firefox, Opera, and Safari. In this regard, many agree that Chrome is not the best.


One thing that makes Chrome became popular as it is now is the ability to synchronize offered on devices that belong to individual users.

Regardless of whether you have more than one desktop devices, smartphones, and even a number of tablets, all data will be synchronized as long as you’re signed in Chrome with the same Google account.

Well, if you are not too find the benefits of synchronization offered Chrome, there is something even better and is specifically designed to meet the needs of your browsing in Mozilla Firefox. Here are 5 reasons why Firefox is better than Chrome, as quoted from Neurogadget.

1. Chrome takes up a lot of RAM

Over the years, Google Chrome has grown to become a “champion” resources are very worthy of consideration. Although this application offers the fastest page rendering, it is no negative impact. During this process, a lot of RAM is used.

2. The browser extension

There is no doubt that Chrome comes with dozens of extensions. However, you will find a Firefox add-ons that are present exclusively for this browser only. One example is the NoScript extension is only available for Firefox users.

You will also find a Firefox extension that lets you download files easily, for example, download YouTube videos. However, the same extension will have difficulty when working in Chrome, unless the user to tweak the security settings to install some of these extensions in Chrome.

3. Firefox offers better privacy than Chrome

If you think privacy is paramount, Chrome will obviously not be suitable for you. Google has been watching you, and will keep track of anything in your account to make sure that ads targeted to you is the most relevant.

This browser will always ask you to associate an application with a Google ID so that it can synchronize your data. However, this is a big privacy issue.

While in Firefox, there are no such things. In fact, you will get a lot of other add-ons that will help in tightening privacy settings.

4. Firefox is easy to use

When compared to Chrome, Firefox is the browser that is very easy to use. In Chrome you will encounter problems in terms of navigation, especially when multiple tabs are open.

The elements will begin to shrink and shrink with each new tab, and ultimately not possible for you to find out information from each tab.

In addition, there is a user interface (user interface) side scroll (side scroll) in Firefox that helps you scroll using a mouse easily.

This is not possible in Chrome. You will also find a separate search box where you can easily search on the various search engines such as Bing.

5. Firefox is equipped with native reader mode

In this case, Chrome simply can not show off. And you want the reader mode is present and installed in Firefox, Edge, and Safari, the same is not available in Chrome.

In this mode, all ads removed from the website, and users get a web site interface that allows them to see an amazing style print articles. Thus, if reading is your requirement, Firefox is the best to fulfill them.