5 Features of Samsung Galaxy Note 8

As proclaimed earlier, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 officially introduced through Samsung Galaxy Unpacked title on Park Avenue Armory, New York, United States (US).

Samsung galaxy note 8

Physically, smartphone design comes different from its predecessor, Galaxy Note 7. Samsung also claims Galaxy Note 8 comes with a number of features and hardware and performance improvements.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 brings a number of predicted features that can be the strongest selling power. Anything? Here are 5 (five) best features.

1. Dual Multifunction Camera

One of the drastic changes that carried Samsung on the Galaxy Note 8 is a dual camera. The main camera is armed with dual camera technology (dual camera), dual pixel sensor, and dual Optical Image Stabilization (OIS).

In this series as well, Samsung uses dual lens, which both cameras will actively take the object photo.

Thanks to the updated Auto Focus (AF) technology, the front and rear camera of the smartphone will be able to track the focus with good lebik without having to be afraid to focus the camera ‘blur’ to other objects.

Still in the case of the camera, Samsung also presents the Selective Focus feature for the camera behind. With this feature, the user can choose to take focus – back or front – as a result of his photograph. This feature can be used either when going to take a photo or a photo preview.

About the Galaxy Note 8 camera resolution, Samsung presents an 8MP front camera with dual rear camera which is 12MP each (a wide lens with f1.7 aperture and f2.4 telephoto lens), 2x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom.

2. Infinity Display screen

Consistent with Infinity Display technology that is carried on Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 +, Galaxy Note 8 also carries a similar screen technology.

The difference – because it is included in the series line of Galaxy Note – this smartphone comes with a larger Infinity Display, which is 6.3 inches. The screen is claimed to be larger than the Galaxy S8 +.

Even so, the aspect ratio of the screen in this smartphone series is similar to the Galaxy S8 and S8 + series, which is 18.5: 9. With these aspect ratio sizes, watching streaming videos or watching more multimedia content will be more satisfied and comfortable.

Not only that, Samsung also cut the use of Home buttons, Back, and Multitasking. Even so, all three remain accessible virtually as Galaxy S8 and S8 + series.

3. S Spen

Not Galaxy Note the name if present without S Pen. S Pen on the Galaxy Note 8 this time become excellent feature and identical, S Pen stylus appear with new and superior feature from previous stylus.

For Galaxy Note loyal users, would have been familiar with Screen of Memo features in the Galaxy Note 5.

But unfortunately, at that time his ability could only take one page. In Galaxy Note 8, this South Korean company is upgrading Screen of Memo up to 100 pages in S Note application.

Not only that, the new S Pen can be used directly when the stylus is not installed in its slot. In the previous series, the user must install the S Pen stylus back into the slot before S Pen can be used.

4. Pair Apps

Not only experienced an increase in the ability of the screen and stylus, Samsung also presents a row of new applications in the Galaxy Note 8. One application that is the flagship application is Pair.

This application allows you to activate two applications at once that have been paired manually. When the paired app is opened, it will appear with a split screen view.

Take an example when a user opens a paired app, such as Google Maps and Instagram that have been previously paired. When one app is opened, both applications will appear simultaneously with a separate view.

5. Off Screen Memo and Live Message

Off Screen Off feature The memo in Galaxy Note 8 is updated. This feature allows users to record even in the condition of the Galaxy Note screen off.

This time allows users to store records up to 100 pages. Users can use this feature in situations if S Pen is not installed.

New features that Samsung introduced in the Galaxy Note 8 to support the ability of S Pen is Live Message. Can be found in Air Command, Galaxy Note 8 users can send messages – posts or images – that will turn into GIF.

Unfortunately, this feature can only be active when the speaker has a smartphone that already supports GIF in its messaging application suite.

In addition, Samsung also increased the number of features in Air Command from just 6 to 10.