5 Facts Unique Business On Facebook

Since its establishment in 2004, Facebook has grown into a large company with global scale. Facebook has become one of the largest social media capable of connecting millions of users.


In a day, there are approximately 936 million social media users that are active. Its founder, Marck Zuckerberg would soon be included in the list of 10 richest people in the world.

You are probably also familiar with this social media want to know some unique things that you may not know about Facebook’s business development. Here are five unique things about Facebook’s business development:

1. The market capitalization

Facebook has a market capitalization of US $298 billion. This figure is higher than the largest supermarket in the United States, Walmart were recorded at US $210 billion. Social media also have replaced corporations and other retailers included in the 10 top companies in the S & P 500.

2. Facebook has a unique method of recruitment

In 2005, Chris Putnam managed to hijack the Facebook site so that makes it appear as if a site like MySpace. Instead of launching legal action against Putnam, one of the founders of Facebook, Dustin Moskovitz, actually contacted. Moskovitz Putnam persuaded to come out of college and became an engineer at Facebook.

3. Facebook treats hackers and programmers with excellent

The company gives money at least $ 500 to those who managed to find bugs in the site. In 2014, Facebook poured money of US $ 13 million to 321 bugs catcher.

4. Facebook keep its brand name with a highly protective

The Company has 1,900 domain names, including IHateTheFacebookLikeButton.com, LikeButtonSucks.com, LikeSucks.com, FacebookCreditsSucks.org, and others.

5. The dog belongs Zuckerberg has 2.1 million followers on Facebook

The dog named Beast manifold hungarian Sheepdog. Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, managing Facebook accounts Beast and regularly posting pictures of the white dog.