5 Application mandatory for Businessman

Technology is able to make a positive contribution in various aspects of life. Just look at a wide range of applications and services that are currently available, proved easier for users to move.


Here are five apps that must be installed on your phone that is currently starting a business or startup. A fifth application, refer to the summary below.

1. Business card scanner

Although today many things in business is done digitally such as sending e-mail or even networking, exchanging business cards is still often done by businessmen.

To facilitate you to store information on a business card belonging to networks or business associates for you, you need to install the scanner card (business card scanners).

Many business card scanner application is available for free in the app store. But should you buy the pro version of the application for the free version of the application only supports scanning cards in limited quantities.

You can try CamCard – Business Card Reader is available both in free and pro version.

2. Networking Professional

In addition to cards, other identification that must be owned by the businessman is a professional networking account. As for LinkedIn is currently the largest professional networking service today.

Not only acts as a business card, LinkedIn can serve as your curriculum vitae. Therefore, it would be very useful for you to install the app on your mobile phone LinkedIn.

3. Microsoft Office

Wrestle with documents and reports is certainly a businessman busyness. Thus, installing Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) is a fixed price.

If Microsoft Office is commonly found in laptops and Windows-based PC priced at a certain price, Microsoft Office version of Android available for free. Although free, all the basic features of Microsoft Office is already fully supported. So, you can still wrestle with documents and reports anywhere, anytime from your phone.

4. Notes

Android phones are already providing reminders or reminder features, but some of us are still more comfortable using notes or notes for a number of reasons. Application notes are worth a try is Google Keep.

In addition to supporting the article notes, this application also supports images, hand drawing, and also a reminder. The most interesting feature of the Google Keep is syncing with your Google account. In fact, this application can also be opened without an internet connection and a note in it will be automatically saved.

5. Cloud Storage

Cloud storage (cloud storage) could be an alternative to save the file in addition to the mobile phone, laptop, or other storage device. Advantages of cloud storage is that you can access the files stored on it, from anywhere and at anytime as long as you’re connected to the internet connection.

The Google account owners automatically get Google Drive cloud storage with a capacity of 15GB. This capacity can be expanded up to 30TB, if you have a monthly subscription. Other options that you can also try is Dropbox and One Drive.