5 Alternative Web Browsers instead of Google Chrome

Web browsers now become something that Internet users need to connect in cyberspace. If asked what browser is commonly used to surf the internet, you might answer it is Google Chrome.

Yes, Google Chrome is now the most widely used web browser. Even so at this time there began a number of new browser names that come with a number of good features and ready to meet your needs. Anything?

Firefox Focus

Here are 5 alternate web browsers Google Chrome:

1. Colibri

Colibro can be used on computers with both Windows and Mac OS. Compared to other browsers that come with tabs, Colibri instead comes with a simple tabless look.

That way, you could say Colibri is the lightest web browser. Although without tabs, Colibri replaces it with a feature called Links that can be used to store the web addresses that you want to revisit later.

2. Firefox Focus

Firefox Focus browser is a mobile web browser that can be used on Android or iOS platform. Another interesting thing about Firefox Focus is its light and simple appearance. As with Colibri, there is no tab in Firefox Focus.

This browser is said to have a high degree of privacy and security. Firefox Focus does not store passwords or search history that users have typed.

In addition, this web browser also blocks web trackers installed by third parties so that your search results are free from Google or Amazon watches for advertising purposes.

3. Cocoon

At first, Cocoon is an add-on in Firefox, a security and privacy toolbox. Even so now Cocoon becomes a separate browser that safely protects users from the dangers that exist on the internet.

Uniquely before using Cocoon, users need to create an account, clicking the Power button in the browser to start the security feature.

This browser also encrypts all user data both in and out. In addition the company also runs antivirus to ensure users are not stuck downloading malware.

If you open Facebook, Cocoon also blocks Facebook from tracking your activity so that no ads follow.

4. Addap’s

This browser can be used on devices with Windows, Mac, and Linux OS. Uniquely web browser is devoted to you who are looking for materials for research.

Because it is designed for research purposes, users can easily store all web resources that have been opened.

5. Brave

The Brave browser can be used on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS platforms. Compared to other browsers, Brave is a browser that disables trackers and blocks annoying ads. That way, any annoying ads will not show up.

Brave also created a micro payment system, which will be used to pay for favorite sites that users visit.