40.000 More E-Book Can Be Accessed Free via Opera Mini

Internet is now not spared the mainstay of the community to seek information and references. Along with the development of technology, books are now present digitally with the title of electronic book or e-book.

ebook free opera mini

Through e-books, users can now easily access books wherever they want without having to visit the physical library. Opera is now presenting a feature library in the browser besutannya – Opera Mini, by partnering with Worldreader Mobile Web (WRM-Web).

These features you can access through bookmarks in Opera Mini. Thanks to that feature, each user has a digital library composed of tens of thousands of titles provided by Worldreader

The partnership of Opera and Worldreader itself intends to expand access to e-books and empower Indonesians about the importance of reading books to improve various aspects of life.

“Worldreader wants to make sure that the whole world has access to the books they need and want. Through cooperation with Opera, we can expand our reach including the people of Indonesia and we are optimistic to reach the target of 12 million readers by the end of 2018, “explained Colin McElwee, Co-Founder of Worldreader.

Meanwhile, Jatu Anggraeni – Content Editorial Lead Opera Software US in Indonesia stated that its partnership with Worldreader will provide the best e-book that is easy to access.

“We brought this change through cooperation with Worldreader, providing more than 40,000 best e-books accessible with Opera Mini. We also chose the book to be presented in the hope of delivering new, relevant, and interesting books that are available in 70 categories and in 43 languages, “he said.

As of January 2018, statista.com data shows the fact that 44% of Indonesian adult population use smartphones to take photos and videos. Only 3% of them use smartphones to read books or digital magazines.

In addition, a study by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) shows that the percentage of reading interest in Indonesian society is only 0.01% or 1 to 10,000.

One cause of the low interest in reading in Indonesia is the difficulty of access to books. Therefore, digital libraries accessible through Opera Mini are expected to minimize these constraints.