4 Tools Every Small Business Should Take Advantage Of

Even though small businesses may have relatively light work loads compared to larger companies, there are still several tools out there that they can take advantage of. Large scale items, such as compactors and bio time clocks, have been altered to cater to the needs of small businesses. This includes affordability, size, and productivity.


Garbage and Cardboard Compactors

Even the smallest of businesses can produce large amounts of waste. However, they may not have the space, tools, or manpower to operate large waste compactors. Due to the demand for a smaller, affordable option, small businesses can now purchase small scale trash and box balers. Click here to see how the face of waste management is changing for small companies.

Bio Time Clocks

With traditional time clocks, employees can cheat the time punch system by giving their numbers to other employees for punching in and out. Some employees use this as a way to avoid being late for work, or so that they can leave early while remaining on the clock. Biological time clocks use fingerprints to secure time punches, so that only the authorized employee is capable of punching in and out on his or her time sheet.

Email Receipts and Rewards Programs

As tablets become more commonly used as registers for small businesses, it is becoming much easier for a small company to keep a record of customer information, offer discounts or rewards, and to offer digital receipts. Multiple applications and software options make this possible without extensive coding or demanding amounts of time. Since many customers are now budget minded, offering these incentives gives customers one more reason to come back again.

Large Scale Advertising

With the success of social media, small businesses can take advantage of all of the free advertising opportunities available to them. Long gone are the days of expensive print advertisements, sign wavers, and mail inserts. With social media, the hottest news and deals can spread like a wild fire among customers and new fans. This is a massive tool that is significantly overlooked by many small business owners.

As important business tools are scaled down and sold for small businesses, those businesses find themselves operating more efficiently. Most tools and equipment tend to be far too expensive to fit within the limited budget of a small business. Therefore, the booming market has given these smaller companies the ability to operate as smoothly as large corporations.