4 Reasons Live Streaming service is very popular

The younger generation of smartphone users today is probably already familiar with Twitter’s live streaming service, Periscope. The existence of the service is called millennial generation has changed the way people interact with others.


In general, live streaming services offer different ways to communicate. With this the user can interact with many people at one time. Periscope success to gain a lot of users to attract other companies to join to bring similar services, one of which is Facebook.

Some time ago, Mark Zuckerberg made social media has also been introduced Live services that offer live streaming feature similar to the Periscope. In fact, the latest news says Google also began to explore these services by bringing YouTube Connect.

The success of live streaming service was then begs the question, why live streaming video services can be so successful? The following are several reasons behind the success and potential of live streaming services as a part of marketing.

1. This service is Personal and Intimate

Undeniably, live streaming service is getting a lot of people share their activities directly. Through services such as Periscope, users can share experiences directly through broadcast accomplishments in the application.

The audience will feel closer to the uploader of the video, because video is done in real-time. Therefore, it is not wrong if some brands took the popular people who often live streaming as part of the marketing.

2. Its binding

Having more people in attendance at the service live streaming, obviously the more that will be watching. One reason is that users do not want to lose that special moment when someone does live streaming, especially if the broadcast was done by someone the popular vote.

The existence of these services is very different from the conditions of the traditional video content can be watched at any time when desired. Therefore, the present live streaming content will be much awaited by users.

3. No need to go overboard

One of the main characteristics of live streaming is all done naturally. It is also supported by young people today who want something comes directly and it can be offered by the service live streaming.

Because, through the service live streaming somebody sometimes do not need to edit or adjust video display in order to look better. So, video show.

It also makes the service more humane live streaming. The condition is clearly going to benefit a brand because the need to offer a product through excessive advertising. A brand can hold people to broadcast popular products are becoming a part of her life.

4. The future Live streaming

After seeing all the things that make live streaming is so popular today. So, what about the future of live streaming service itself?

One to remember is that the younger generation of video consumption will continue to increase. Therefore, video-based content has always managed to attract attention, not least the live streaming service.

So, today many young people want a service that is able to display something natural and candid. It also applies to young people’s interest in a brand, for example concerning the transparency of a product without any frills. This will provide an interesting and fun experience for young people today.