3 Types of Mobile application which will be booming in 2017

If the ride-sharing services and eCommerce trends dominate mobile applications in 2016, a different story in 2017. It is predicted that the mobile industry trends in the country shifted to a new application types. Anything?

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There are three types of mobile applications that will be loved by users this year. The first is an application that target specific segments, in this case called a niche market.

If you look at eCommerce and ride sharing grow in 2016. Well, niche applications aimed at specific community, such as motorcycle applications specifically for men, or application-themed makeup for women, it will grow more.

Niche market is considered to have little coverage. However, the main function of the application would be more focused. So, the impact is the consumers who use these applications will be more loyal because they feel more appropriate.

Then, he continued, the second type is based applications and real-time GPS technology. The existence of such applications can provide strong position for consumers and companies.

Applications such as this will greatly affect the user and the company about the location beneficial to develop its business. So later could have been a lot of digital business in a market that offers aerial solutions.

Lastly, the type of big data applications will dominate this year. According to him, the public preferred to divide the personal data in the era of rapid development of Internet as it is today.

Companies engaged in big data will also be more booming. Because we are the habits of most of the data, but unfortunately could not manage. Take for example we have a collection of cards but since most of us can not manage even just in the Excel application.

Then if the application type of Virtual Reality (VR) is not going to take the position of the most popular this year? Unfortunately, the application is considered not to take the hearts of consumers in the country.

It (VR) is still too early here. They are not going to take off because I think it is too early. It’s nice to have it, but it took a special device. VR that I think will be more useful to the healthcare industry and gaming, it was also not used in a wide scope.