3 Traffic Safety Equipment Types

Whether you have been contracted by the government, at any level, or you are working on a business project that impedes traffic, safety measures must taken into consideration before the work begins. Safety measures prevent injuries to your workers as well as drivers of vehicles and pedestrians. If this project is a one-time occurrence, traffic safety equipment, like a beacon traffic management system, can be rented. If your business requires on-going work that affects traffic flow, you may consider purchasing the equipment, instead.

Here are three types of traffic safety equipment.

beacon traffic management


During a construction project, there may be times when you have to block traffic from entering or exiting designated areas for the safety of everyone. Barriers are the easiest way to accomplish this task. Portable steel barriers provide a temporary solution, and many of them are crash-tested. If the driver of a vehicle is distracted and runs into the project area, the barrier provides safety for those who are unprotected and unprepared. Each portable barrier includes a kit that helps it attach to others until you have set up your desired length.


Most people who are on the road are trying to get somewhere, and they are not always aware that their route will include a construction site that day. Signs are great for warning drivers. Proper signage can let them know that they should slow down or be prepared to stop in the next mile. Giving drivers enough time to merge, slow or even find a different route will not alleviate bottlenecks, but it can at least get everyone organized and prepared. Arrowboards, changeable message signs and traffic signs are viable signage options to consider.

Posts and Strips

Some traffic areas are tricky enough to safely drive when construction projects are not taking place. In order to prevent potentially dangerous situations in those and other areas, consider installing temporary posts, strips and lights. Temporary posts can guide traffic from one lane into another and prevent them from running into the construction area. Rumble strips force vehicle drivers to slow down while lights are an extra warning, especially when the day begins to go dark. Traffic cones, markers and channelizer drums should not be overlooked, either.

Construction sites pose a risk to both workers and drivers. Barriers, signs and posts along with strips helps control the flow of traffic and increase safety.