3 Appraisal Benefits

Many people shy away from having their home, jewelry or other valuables appraised because an appraisal incurs a cost. Additionally, there is always the possibility that you may not like the appraisal you receive, so you may be inclined to seek out a second opinion. The appraisal process has evolved with technology, and online appraisal software is now available. Thanks to its storage, speed and other capabilities, it helps appraisers and appraisal recipients.

Here are three benefits an appraisal offers.

online appraisal software


The more expensive an item, the more you will be recommended to procure insurance. If an unfortunate incident occurs and you lose your item, insurance gives you the opportunity to recover the loss in terms of money in the form of a payout. Having the item appraised before you procure insurance means that, in case of a loss, you can receive a payout in an appropriate amount. In a case where an insurance company believes your payout should be less that what you expect to receive, an appraisal certificate helps you receive your fair share.


When an appraiser examines your item, they are examining its condition. In terms of jewelry, they examine the clarity, cut and type. They take notes and certify the number of stones, karats and weight, as necessary. Later, if you are in the market to sell your item, your appraisal certificate states its condition in case anything happens to it in transit or during a sale. At this time, if you would like to raise the item’s value, its imperfections can be pointed out to you. Then, you make improvements.

Market Value

Sometimes, you acquire an item for its sentimental value. Other times, you acquire items for their future value. A home and jewelry, for example, are investments for some people. Appraising your items allows you to be aware of their current market value. Then, you can track it against the markets to determine when will be the optimal time to sell.

An appraisal offers a few benefits. Appraisals help with insurance, knowing the item’s condition and its current market value.