3 Application PDF Reader and Editor in Android

In addition to a .doc or .docx, which is fairly typical format is .pdf. When you hear .pdf, some of you may immediately think of Adobe Acrobat Reader, both available for PCs and smartphones.

pdf app

But as the name implies, “Reader” function to open the .pdf only. Well, you are quite often struggled with the document may have experienced moments in which you want to edit the .pdf.

Along with the development of technology, now available Android applications that are not only able to open a .pdf, but also edit them directly on the smartphone. Any such applications, see the summary below.

1. OfficeSuite + PDF Editor

Some of you may no one yet knows, though applications OfficeSuite document is also available in a version that supports editing .pdf, other than .doc, .docx, and others of course. There are also features to share files directly to cloud storage services such as DropBox and Google Drive.

In fact, this application supports the function of converting photos taken directly from a smartphone camera, and then save it as a .pdf, simply by installing additional applications from the same developer. Interesting right?

In addition to the things mentioned above and other woods standard features, there are some interesting features to the premium version is priced quite friendly as QuickWrite, Microsoft Compatibility Font Pack, a spell checker, and others.

2. Xodo PDF Reader & Editor

Some exciting features of PDF Reader and Editor Xodo among others combine multiple .pdf files into one, splitting one pdf into several, change the page orientation, remove pages, reorder pages, and add a blank page. Beyond that, functions such as highlight, underline, and strikeout, and standard functions are also available.

Just as OfficeSuite + PDF Editor, PDF Reader & Xodo editor also supports the function of converting photos taken directly from a smartphone camera, and then save it as .pdf.

3. Foxit PDF Reader & Editor

The third application, the Foxit PDF Reader & Editor, also no less powerful of the two previous applications. Features standard editing must have been supported by this application.

For special features, Foxit PDF Reader and Editor offers protection .pdf with certificates, passwords, and Microsoft Rights Management Services. The application also lets you store, share and access the .pdf in Google Drive, onedrive, Dropbox, Box, and Foxit Cloud Reading.