2016 is the Year All-Flash Storage, What’s That?

EMC Corporation announced a major leap forward in enterprise storage strategy with the addition of many features in an all-flash storage solutions for overcoming his combined, consolidated enterprise workloads that claimed the most intensive in the world.

Flash Storage

To complete the XtremIO all-flash arrays, enterprise data services platform announcement VMAX All Flash and solutions Rack-Scale Flash EMC EMC DSSD D5 underlines the commitment of the all-flash arrays for primary storage.

EMC portfolio flash is designed to handle any problems using the virtual data center enterprise, using the Modern Data Center.

EMC said in 2016 as ‘the year of all-flash’ for primary storage. With nearly 40 percent market share in the market of all-flash storage, EMC developed a portfolio of all-flash to help customers modernize data center.

EMC predicts the entire storage used for application-based production will flash in 2020. While traditional disk will only be used for archival storage of large quantities.

As the first vendor to offer Solid State Drivers (SSDs) in enterprise storage arrays in 2008, EMC continues to innovate and develop storage portfolio to provide products that can address customers’ needs for performance, reliability, and comprehensive data services at competitive prices.

Both technology and market developments SSDs have reached the point where all-flash arrays made cost-effective for enterprise data storage. EMC will continue to utilize a variety of flash media products in all-flash, including 3D NAND and flash the latest technologies in the future.

EMC is the market share leader in the industry all-flash storage solutions by 39%, higher than the three competitors combined and EMC also the market leader in enterprise storage solutions including the all-flash and flash hybrid storage arrays.