12-inch Apple MacBook Newest Thin, Battery Hold 10 Hour and Port USB Type C

Not only reveal the selling price of Apple Watch, Apple also introduced a new 12-inch MacBook products. The new MacBook device also comes with a design based on the MacBook Air. Even so, the latest 12-inch MacBook has a thinner design with long battery life.

macbook air

This device has a 12-inch screen with a resolution of 2304 x 1440 pixels. This new 12-inch MacBook also has a design 24 percent thinner than the MacBook Air plus a bezel that is also smaller. In addition, 12-inch MacBook can last for 9 hours when used to browse the internet.

There are also some new technology that Apple introduced in this newest MacBook. The first is the use of the system keyboard Butterfly. Along with the keyboard, there is also a new trackpad should be used as a touch screen. Apple also called trackpad that comes with Touch Force system.

In addition, there is also the use of Type C USB port that can be used for multiple purposes. These ports also replace the function of other ports such as HDMI, USB connectivity or for other purposes. Thus, the possibility of the users MacBook 12 is going to need a lot of adapters to take advantage of the new USB port. For the price, the cheapest present with 1,1GHz processor, 8GB of RAM for $ 1299.